Titan server: season 4

Dear friends, this Friday, November 17th, the fourth season begins on the Titan server. We are launching a new promotion, event and introducing a number of additional changes, which can be found below.

New enchant limits

New enchant limit settings take effect:

  • Epic Accessory - limitation +4;
  • Venir's Talisman  - limitation +24;
  • Agathions - limitation +9;
  • Cloak of Protection - limitation +9;
  • Talisman of Aden - limitation +9;
  • Brooch - limitation +9;
  • Agathion Bracelet - limitation +9;
  • Talisman Bracelet - limitation +9;
  • Talisman of Speed - limitation +9;
  • Talisman of Authority - limitation +9;
  • Talisman of Eva - limitation +9;
  • Circlet of Hero - limitation +9;
  • Jewelry - limitation +7;
  • Dragon Belt - limitation +9;
  • Dolls - limitation +4;
  • Piercing Mask - limitation +9.

The restriction has been removed from the Einhasad's Pendant item.

L-Coins drop

Throughout the fourth season, the daily limit of coins that can be obtained by hunting monsters - 35,000.
We remind you that a premium account increases this limit by +30% to 45,500 pieces per day.

New Season Pass

All progress from the previous season pass will be reset, and the following rewards will be available to you for the fourth season.

Basic rewards:

Sayha's Grace Sustention Points Sayha's Grace Sustention Points4 830
Great Hunter's Reward (Time-limited) Great Hunter's Reward (Time-limited)1

Premium rewards:

Magic Lamp Charging Potion Magic Lamp Charging Potion8
XP Growth Scroll XP Growth Scroll56
Scroll: Boost Attack Scroll: Boost Attack56
Einhasad's Protection Einhasad's Protection56
Soulshot Ticket Soulshot Ticket560
Scroll: Boost Defense Scroll: Boost Defense56
Spirit Ore Spirit Ore67 500
Berserker's Scroll Berserker's Scroll112
Venir's Talisman Fragment Venir's Talisman Fragment112
Enchant Kit: Piercing Mask Enchant Kit: Piercing Mask8
Sayha's Blessing Sayha's Blessing104
Scroll of Blessing: Armor Scroll of Blessing: Armor4
Jewel Craft Coupon Jewel Craft Coupon800
Scroll of Blessing: Weapon Scroll of Blessing: Weapon2
Package: Core Doll Lv. 1 Package: Core Doll Lv. 11
Package: Zaken Doll Lv. 1 Package: Zaken Doll Lv. 11
Package: Frintezza Doll Lv. 1 Package: Frintezza Doll Lv. 11
Package: Baium Doll Lv. 1 Package: Baium Doll Lv. 11
Great Hunter Chest (Premium) Great Hunter Chest (Premium)1

Great Hunter Chest (Premium):

Package: Antharas Doll Lv. 1 Package: Antharas Doll Lv. 11
Package: +4 Circlet of Hero Package: +4 Circlet of Hero1
Augmenting Stone: Special Equipment Augmenting Stone: Special Equipment10
Augmenting Stone: Armor Augmenting Stone: Armor10
Augmenting Stone: Weapon Augmenting Stone: Weapon10
Augmenting Stone: Accessory Augmenting Stone: Accessory10

16 Nov 2023