New Essence server

General information

The maximum number of game windows is 1. The maximum number of PCs per player is 2.

A significantly improved auto-hunt system with an improved interface, as well as updated auto-enchant and many other useful and significant client modifications.

The Gear Score system is available, which is a numerical assessment of a character's equipment, taking into account many different factors.


The new server will be based on classic rates:

  • EXP/SP: x1;
  • Adena and drop rate: х1;
  • Quest and RB rate: х1.

Premium account

In their personal account, players have the opportunity to purchase PA status for their game account, which will provide the following bonuses:

  • Rates EXP/SP: +20%;
  • Adena: +30%;
  • Daily L-Coin limit: +30%;
  • Teleport and resurrection cost: -50%;
  • Offline farm.


As before, the opening of the server and its development will be accompanied by changing seasons. Each season lasts two weeks, determines the enchant limit, introduces new items and launches various events and promotions.

Enchant and upgrade limits

During the first season, the following restrictions will apply on the server for upgrading items:

Item / group of items
Enchant limit
Venir's Talisman - limitation
Agathions - limitation
Cloak of Protection - limitation
Talisman of Aden - limitation
Brooch - limitation
Agathion Bracelet - limitation
Talisman Bracelet - limitation
Talisman of Speed - limitation
Talisman of Authority - limitation
Talisman of Eva - limitation
Circlet of Hero - limitation
Jewelry - limitation
Dragon Belt - limitation
Einhasad's Pendant - limitation
Dolls - limitation
Epic - limitation+1
Piercing Mask - limitation+5
Aden's Soul Crystal - limitation+6
Hardin's Soul Crystal - limitation+6

L-Coin drop

The number of coins you can get from monsters depends on your character's level. The drop table looks like this:

Character Lv.Drop limit without PA
Drop limit with PA
Up to 79

As new information is published, the topic will be updated.

25 Apr 2024