Maintenance 01.12.2023

- The cooldown time of the "Blink" skill now depends on the m. skill cooldown;

- When the character is under "Dance of Medusa" Lv. 4 Spectral Dancer can attack him;

- The "Bone Cage" skill no longer has a fixed cooldown;

- Fixed "Transcendent Form" of some skills;

- Fixed automatic use of scrolls by pets;

- “Unique Seal of Damage” will no longer work on non-flagged characters;

- After using the "Aggression" skill, the character will not automatically attack the target;

- Now the aggression skills of bards and tanks keep the enemy's target while the aggression debuff is in effect;

- Fixed moments when debuff resist, physical skills did not deal damage;

- Fixed the moment when during recharging physical. skills, the character did not use an auto attack;

- Fixed an issue where a mob could buff a character;

- The skill “Elemental Care” now heals the character when used on an ally or owner;

- If you force a character to attack, the pet will attack together with the owner;

- Work has been done on the effects of blessed armor;

- The characteristic "Buff Cancel Resistance Bonus" have been corrected;

- Fixed resistance of bosses  to debuffs;

- The damage area of the "Dark Burst" skill has been adjusted to the official one;

- The chances of “Elemenal Change” and “Elemental Care” has been adjusted to the official one.

24 Nov 2023